Strategies For Successful Horse Racing Investment

horse racing investments

There are few more challenging sports to bet on online than horse racing. Bettors need to weigh up several factors before making their investment on a horse, which includes examining the form of the runners involved, the conditions of the race, and the strike rates of both jockey and trainer. 

However, all factors must match up to ensure that the bettor stands the best possible chance of gaining returns from their selections. You can find some of the best strategies to follow for successful horse racing investments here. 

Follow Your Judgement

Just like for crypto, there are hundreds of ‘experts’ offering tips on social media in this modern day for horse racing, which means that your judgment could become clouded by what other people are backing in your race. By all means it is worth examining the views of an expert to back up your belief in a race, but it should never sway you from what you have found while conducting your research. 

It is also ill-advised to follow tippers on social media, as they will likely send you down a route that goes against your belief, and they could be looking to sway a market in their way so they can get value on a selection that they like.

horse racing wagering tips

Jockey Booking

Of course, reading the form of the horses involved is vitally important, but the jockey booking could be the factor that many bettors often overlook. The jockey onboard your selection is vitally important, as you will be looking to side with a rider that has winning experience, and proven quality at the top level. 

This is especially the case in graded races, as jockeys with the most experience at this level will be able to get the very best out of their selection. You should also look into the recent form of the jockey, and whether they have been absent for some time due to injury. In-form jockeys with proven form at the top level of racing are always the smartest investment from the perspective of someone who places horse racing bets.

Assess The Track

The track and ground could be a deciding factor when it comes to making a bet, as there are huge differences between some courses despite both being run over the turf or dirt. For example, some courses may have tighter bends than others, which may be a disadvantage for some runners in the race. 

As the old saying goes ‘horses for courses’, if a horse has proven experience at a specific track, then they are always worth a second look in the betting. It is also worth examining on what surface the horse performs best, as an all-weather specialist may not be able to carry their form onto the turf, and turf horses may not be the same caliber of performer on the dirt. 

When To Use Multiples

Multiple betting, such as Parlays and Lucky 15s, is an excellent investment opportunity when it comes to horse racing, but knowing when to utilize these types of markets can be key. A Parlay bet comes with a huge risk element, as the wager will be lost if just one selection lets you down. 

successful horse racing tips

Therefore, you should only consider adding horses to this type of bet if they are almost a certainty. It is a common betting method for most if they are looking to combine several odds-on selections to enhance the returns that they are looking to win. Therefore, you should avoid looking to add horses at huge odds in this type of bet, as it could be the leg that avoids you from winning the returns from your wager. 

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