5 Best Phone Tracking Applications Without Permissions

5 Best phone tracker app without permission

As the world advances, more things that provide convenience to the people arise. One of such things is the smartphone; an entire computer in the palm of our hands. However, we don’t use these conveniences to the potential they were made for. For instance, even though our smartphones have GPS in the, do we use them? No!

GPS makes our lives much more simple and provides facilities that would otherwise consume time and sweat, such as finding a destination, choosing the nearest café, or even tracking our devices. In this article, we have mentioned our picks for five of the best phone tracking applications that require no permissions.


GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation service that provide geographic coordinates and real-time location information to anyone across the world. GPS functions entirely on internet or cellular facilities and do not extract any information from the user itself. A few years ago, GPS weren’t much accurate, but with the establishment of L5 bandwidth, GPS now has a deviation of only 30 centimeters or 11.8 inches.


#1: FamiSafe

Your family is of the utmost priority to you! FamiSafe is the most up-to-date application for tracking your family members’ smartphones without them knowing. In only a few minutes, you can track any smartphone that is registered with your device. 

You can even determine geographic boundaries for your children and the application will inform you as soon as they cross them. Moreover, you can disable your or others’ devices in case they are in the wrong hands. You can even determine the screen-time for your children to ensure that they sleep at night. FAMISAFE

#2: mSpy

Another remarkable application to track your family members’ or friends without them knowing about it is mSpy. It arrives with an assortment of features to enable you in tracking your family and friends from your smartphone or computer. Similar to FamiSafe, mSpy also provides the option to operate in the background, monitoring any browser history, messages, calls, and much more. MSPY

#3: Google Maps

You’re probably no stranger to this application! Google Maps has paved the way for any GPS-based application on smartphones and computers. Nowadays, it is impossible to hide from Google Maps if you use the internet. Whether you’re connected to Wi-Fi or not, Google Maps can track your smartphone.

While all of that might sound like a concern, it’s not. When you register onto the internet, you’re giving away your privacy for the services you use. So, it’s almost impossible to stay anonymous when using internet services. However, Google Maps is convenient if you use it for that matter. From showing you real-time directions including traffic updates to pinging your connected devices if you’ve misplaced them, Google Maps is an all-inclusive GPS application, that is also free.GOOGLE MAPS

#4: Prey

Prey was made as an anti-theft application to track your smartphones in the situation that they are stolen. It has a simple user-interface and provides features that go beyond just tracking. If one of your devices connected to Prey is stolen or misplaced, you can use your other connected devices to ping the stolen device.

If, for instance, your device is stolen, Prey will automatically capture a picture of the person using it with the front-camera and provide real-time coordinates for your device. Moreover, it can even provide signal accuracy details, device information and other evidence that can be used by the authorities to apprehend the culprit. PREY

#5: Find My iPhone

Now, this is an application restricted to only iOS users. If you use an iPhone, you’re probably familiar with Find My iPhone. It is a pre-installed application that you can connect to your iPhone with your Apple ID. It functions similar to any other phone tracking application and assists you in monitoring your device in case it gets stolen or misplaced.

With features, such as Lost Mode which disables your device and erases all information to protect your privacy, Find My iPhone is a precise and simple application that you can set-up in only a matter of minutes. FIND MY IPHONE


Over the years, GPS has become a common technology used by people around the world. It has made commute more convenient and even protected the properties of many people. Since everything is managed through a remote application, you can basically control everything from your smartphone. From ordering pizza to your doorsteps to driving an entire car around the city, GPS has become much more advanced than it was years ago. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on a lot.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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