About Us


We are a team of technology-connoisseurs that are passionate about hardware and software alike. Our team is focused on writing deliberate and up-to-date content with everything technology. From computers to space, we provide our audience with top-notch information! At Wifitti, we believe that everyone should be aware about the advancements in technology.

Not only that, we provide our audience with articles that educate them on how technology works and how they can profit from it in their routines. However, our foremost focus is to educate users on how the internet works! In this era, if you’re oblivious to the wonders of the internet, you’re no better than a caveman, which is why we have owed it to ourselves to provide this wisdom to our audience with our content.

At Wifitti, we have a team of only the most dexterous writers that are proficient in technology and understand how the modern internet-dominated world functions. Our information is validated with numerous online sources to ensure that the information is authentic it reaches the consumer (you).

“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”

John Lasseter