The Ultimate Guide to Monkey Madness 2: Unraveling the Renegade’s Return

Monkey Madness 2 quest guide

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to the ultimate guide on Monkey Madness 2, the interesting 129th quest in Old School RuneScape. This sequel to Monkey Madness I, released on May 6, 2016, is a grandmaster-stage quest that plunges players into the depths of Gielinor’s challenges. Join us as we discover the mysterious disappearance of Glough and the hunt to thwart his evil plans.

Background of Monkey Madness 2:

Recap of Monkey Madness I:

Monkey Madness I, the predecessor to Madness 2, changed into a groundbreaking quest that extensively shaped the Old School RuneScape storyline. Released in 2003, it marked the 129th quest in the game and became an essential part of the Gnome quest collection. The quest revolved around thwarting the sinister plans of Glough, a gnome battle criminal who sought to unleash chaos upon Gielinor.

In Monkey Madness I, gamers faced severa demanding situations, which included navigating hazardous environments, solving complicated puzzles, and being attracted to fierce battles in opposition to formidable foes. The quest’s conclusion noticed Glough’s initial defeat, reputedly putting an end to his malevolent schemes.

Glough’s Return:

However, the story did not end there. Monkey Madness 2 selections up with a stunning twist – the go-back of Glough. The struggle criminal, the concept of being defeated, reemerges with a vengeance, posing a renewed danger to the peace of Gielinor. The unexpected resurgence of Glough prompts King Narnode Shareen to urgently seek the participant’s help all over again.

Quest Details:

Quest Prerequisites:

Before delving into the heart of Madness 2, adventurers want to make sure they’re adequately organized. The quest comes with particular stipulations and calls for certain gadgets to navigate its challenges successfully. Here’s a comprehensive list of gadgets you’ll want:

  • Normal log and Magic log: These logs may be essential for numerous responsibilities throughout the quest, so it’s smart to convey them along.
  • Energy potions: Keep your stamina up at some stage in the hunt by having energy potions reachable.
  • Lemon and Grapes: These seemingly random objects serve a motive inside the quest, so make sure now not to miss them.
  • Pestle and mortar: A flexible device needed for unique duties for the duration of Monkey Madness 2.
  • Pickaxe: Essential for mining responsibilities that could arise in the course of your journey.
  • Logs: Ensure you’ve got a supply of logs for any heart-related duties you could come across.
  • Light source: Navigating darkish regions is part of the quest, so a reliable light supply is critical.
  • Hammer and Chisel: These tools can also come in handy for numerous puzzles and tasks, so it is wise to have them with you.

Being nicely prepared with those items is essential for easy development through Madness 2. As a grandmaster-degree quest, preparation is key to overcoming the challenges that lie in advance.

Quest Overview:

Madness 2 unfolds as a sequence of elaborate steps, every supplying its own set of demanding situations and puzzles. Here’s a condensed walkthrough to offer a glimpse into the search:

  • Initial Briefing: King Narnode Shareen enlists your assistance in investigating the unexpected disappearance of Glough. The participant has to accumulate statistics and embark on an adventure to find the conflict criminal’s whereabouts.
  • Traversing Hazardous Environments: Prepare to navigate treacherous areas, overcoming obstacles and adversaries that stand in your way.
  • Solving Puzzles: Monkey Madness 2 is renowned for its complicated puzzles. Sharpen your wits and be ready to tackle mind-bending challenges that require a mixture of logic and ingenuity.
  • Unraveling Glough’s Plans: Piece together the clues to unveil Glough’s evil intentions and thwart his nefarious plots.

The Grandmaster’s Difficulty:

Madness 2 proudly stands as a grandmaster-stage quest, setting it at the pinnacle of difficulty inside Old School RuneScape. This prestigious classification signifies that the hunt is not for the faint of heart – it demands a high stage of ability, fight prowess, and strategic thinking from the participant. Let’s delve into the significance of Madness 2 being categorized as a grandmaster quest and what it involves for intrepid adventurers.

Significance of Grandmaster Level:

  • Pinnacle of Difficulty: Grandmaster quests are the maximum difficult quests in Old School RuneScape. They are designed to test gamers’ limits, requiring a combination of advanced combat abilities, tricky puzzle-fixing, and strategic decision-making.
  • High-Level Requirements: Madness 2, as a grandmaster quest, comes with stringent skill and quest point necessities. Players are recommended to level up their fight, agility, and other relevant capabilities to satisfy the stipulations for this bold assignment.

Unique Challenges and Requirements:

  • Intense Battles: Grandmaster quests are known for their hard adversaries and epic battles. Monkey Madness 2 is no exception, presenting ambitious foes to check your combat talents to the fullest.
  • Intricate Puzzles: The puzzles inside grandmaster quests are often more complicated and demanding than those in decrease-tier quests. Prepare to come across thoughts-bending demanding situations that require a keen intellect and the ability to think outside the box.
  • Strategic Planning: Success in a grandmaster quest hinges on cautious planning and resource control. From the choice of equipment to the allocation of stock space, every choice can impact your potential to triumph over the quest’s hurdles.

Leveling Up Before Monkey Madness 2:

  • Skill Requirements: Before embarking on Madness 2, aspiring adventurers ought to ensure that their combat competencies, agility, and other relevant stats meet the required requirements. Training and leveling up those capabilities will beautify your chances of achievement.
  • High-Quality Gear: Equip yourself with the exceptional gear to be had inside your stage variety. Grandmaster quests often require a top-tier system to stand the demanding situations supplied, so upgrading your armor and weapons is vital.
  • Quest Point Prerequisites: Keep an eye on the quest factors needed to free up Madness 2. Meeting those necessities ensures that you’ve undertaken enough quests to build the experience wished for in this grandmaster-level adventure.

Development Insights:

Meet the Minds Behind the Madness:

Monkey Madness 2 is a testimony to the collaborative efforts of talented builders who dedicated their creativity and know-how to convey this grandmaster-stage quest to life. 

Let’s take a closer examination of the minds behind the madness and discover the important thing developers answerable for crafting the complex storyline, difficult puzzles, and epic battles that outline Madness 2.

  • Mod Jed (Lead Developer): As the lead developer of Madness 2, Mod Jed played a pivotal role in orchestrating the hunt’s average design and execution. His creative vision and management were instrumental in shaping the narrative and gameplay that gamers experience at some point in the journey.
  • Ian Gower: Ian Gower’s contributions to Madness 2 brought intensity and complexity to the search. His creative entry likely stimulated the elaborate puzzles and demanding situations that gamers have to navigate. Gower’s understanding of quest layout has left an indelible mark on Old School RuneScape.
  • Mod Ash: Mod Ash, a veteran developer acknowledged for his huge involvement in Old School RuneScape, brought his wealth of revel into Madness 2. His contributions probably encompass game mechanics, coding, and making sure of a seamless integration of the hunt into the larger recreation world.
  • Mod Maz: Mod Maz’s involvement in Madness 2 signifies her function in crafting attractive and immersive narratives. As a content material developer, her creative writing and quest layout understanding possibly contributed to the compelling storyline that unfolds as gamers progress through the hunt.
  • Mod Bond and Mod Ian: Both Mod Bond and Mod Ian are credited as builders on Madness 2, further highlighting the collaborative nature of the hunt’s creation. Their particular contributions may include a range of factors, from design elements to ensuring technical capability.

The combined efforts of these builders led to a quest that now not only demands situations for gamers but additionally immerses them in a charming storyline filled with twists and turns. Monkey Madness 2 stands as a testimony to the willpower and passion of the improvement team, showcasing the high requirements that Old School RuneScape quests are recognized for.

As we appreciate the minds behind the madness, it is vital to renounce the community’s function in shaping the hunt via feedback and engagement. In the following section, we’re going to discover the reactions and reports of gamers who have launched into the Madness 2 quest, supplying treasured insights into the hunt’s impact on the Old School RuneScape community.

Community Reactions:

Player Reviews and Achievements:

Madness 2 has left an indelible mark on the Old School RuneScape community, charming players with its tough gameplay, compelling storyline, and grandmaster-stage problem. Let’s delve into the network’s reactions, highlighting player reviews, extraordinary achievements, and the effect this quest has had on the gaming experience.

Exhilarating Triumphs: Many players have shared their triumphs and victories after finishing Madness 2. From overcoming severe battles to solving problematic puzzles, those achievements showcase the willpower and skill of the Old School RuneScape network.

Player Testimonials:

  • ‘Monkey Madness 2 pushed me to my limits, however, the feeling of fear after completing it became unparalleled. The quest’s demanding situations made every victory sweeter.’
  • ‘The puzzles were mind-bending, the battles were severe – Madness 2 in reality lives as much as its grandmaster popularity. It’s a must-play for any serious adventurer.’

Unexpected Challenges: The quest’s grandmaster problem degree introduced sudden demanding situations that examined even the most pro players. From complex puzzles to bold foes, Madness 2 provided an immersive and stressful experience.

Player Reflections:

  • ‘I thought I became organized, but Monkey Madness 2 took me by way of wonder. The challenges stored me on my feet, and I loved each moment of it.’
  • “The problem degree adds a whole new measurement to the hunt. It’s now not just about completing duties – it’s about studying your skills and method.’

Community Support and Tips: The Old School RuneScape community has thrived on collaboration and guidance. Players frequently proportion hints, strategies, and insights to assist fellow adventurers in conquering Madness 2.

Online Forums and Communities: Various online boards and network platforms buzz with discussions approximately Madness 2. Players alternate suggestions on overcoming particular challenges, suggest gear setups, and have fun with each other’s successes.

Continuous Feedback and Updates: The developers have shown a commitment to refining the gaming experience based totally on player remarks. Updates and tweaks to Madness 2 had been carried out to deal with community worries and decorate usual guest delight.

  • Developer-Player Interaction: ‘It’s refreshing to see builders actively attractive with the network. Their responsiveness to feedback has made Madness 2 an evolving and dynamic quest.’

As Madness 2 continues to be a focal point of debate within the Old School RuneScape community, players continue to be keen for brand new challenges and quests. The diverse variety of studies, from triumphant victories to sudden demanding situations, showcases the search’s capability to resonate with gamers of all backgrounds and playstyles.

Additional Tips:

  • Prepare Thoroughly: Before embarking on Monkey Madness 2, make sure you have all the required objects listed in the quest stipulations. This includes each crucial and endorsed gadget to navigate various demanding situations seamlessly.
  • High Combat Stats: Given the grandmaster’s difficulty, having high fight stats is important. Aim to degree up your Attack, Strength, Defense, and Ranged abilities to beautify your combat effectiveness in opposition to difficult adversaries.
  • Agility Training: Madness 2 entails traversing dangerous environments that could require agility. Consider schooling your Agility competencies to make certain sections of the quest extra workable.
  • Use Protective Prayers: During combat encounters, using protecting prayers along with Protect from Melee, Protect from Magic, or Protect from Missiles can significantly lessen incoming harm and grow your possibilities of survival.
  • Bank Space Management: Monkey Madness 2 involves acquiring numerous quest-related gadgets. Manage your bank area efficiently by depositing pointless objects and organizing your inventory to house quest-specific objects.


In conclusion, Monkey Madness 2 stands as a pinnacle of Old School RuneScape questing, providing a grandmaster-degree experience filled with challenges, intrigue, and triumphs. As gamers embark on this epic journey, the collaborative efforts of lead builders Mod Jed, Ian Gower, Mod Ash, Mod Maz, Mod Bond, and Mod Ian shine through, crafting a story that captivates and tests the abilities of the network. From the sudden return of Glough to the elaborate puzzles and excessive battles, Monkey Madness 2 has emerged as a defining bankruptcy within the quest line.

The vibrant reactions and achievements of the community further increase the quest, turning it into a shared journey. As you put together to face the grandmaster’s difficulty and get to the bottom of the mysteries inside, remember that Madness 2 isn’t always just a quest – it is an immersive experience that showcases the dynamic nature of Old School RuneScape storytelling. Best of success in your quest, adventurer, and might your adventure be packed with exhilaration and success!


Q1: What are the conditions for Monkey Madness 2?

Ans: To undertake Monkey Madness 2, make certain you’ve got the desired objects, together with ordinary logs, magic logs, electricity potions, lemon, grapes, pestle and mortar, pickaxe, logs, mild supply, hammer, and chisel. Additionally, meet the specified talent and quest factor requirements.

Q2: Is Madness 2 most effective for excessive-degree players?

Ans: Yes, Madness 2 is a grandmaster-degree quest, making it one of the most challenging quests in Old School RuneScape. High combat stats, skill tiers, and quest factors are recommended for a smoother revel-in.

Q3: Where can I find quest courses for Monkey Madness 2?

Ans: In-game quest courses and numerous online resources, consisting of dedicated forums and fan sites, offer detailed walkthroughs and visible aids to help you in the course of the quest.

Q4: What combat style is simplest in Monkey Madness 2?

Ans: The quest entails lots of combat eventualities. Having a well-rounded technique with each melee and ranged fight patterns, along with the use of defensive prayers, is recommended for flexibility.

Q5: How long does it take to finish Madness 2?

Ans: The duration to complete Madness 2 varies based totally on the individual’s skill stages, experience, and familiarity with quest mechanics. In common, it could take several hours, so plan thus.

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