Dark Souls 3: 8 Weapons That Make The Game Too Easy

dark souls 3 weapons

Sellsword Twinblades

The only weapon that is going to make dark souls 3 weapons easy for you is the sellswords twin-blade, approved by the players. The name twin blades come with the fact that this sellsword can be used from both the ends, that is both the ends of this weapon is a sword.

These blades are extremely sharp in nature which makes it very easy for the player to put it through the toughest monsters in the game. The only drawback being, the weapon is not designed to defend the player, which makes the player keep dodging to defend himself from the opponent’s strike.

The Claymore

Similar to one of those greatswords, the claymore comes as an upgraded stronger weapon. You can acquire a claymore in the early stages of the game itself, unlike the other bigger tools that are found in the later stages of the game. This weapon comes with a lot of versatility.

If you want a claymore in the early stages, you can find it near a bonfire found on the plateau located at the Wyvern. If the player cannot locate the claymore near the bonfire, you can also acquire it on the later stages by killing the enemies at Boreal Valley.

Black Knight Sword

Amongst the dark soul 3 weapons, the black knight sword is one of the most useful tools if you are playing it in a player vs environment mode. The black sword is a quick weapon that has a great reach without burning out the excess stamina of the player.

Each strike causes 20 percent damage to the monster, making sure that the opponent is killed in 5 strikes. You will have to take the weapon from the dead bodies found in the smoldering lake. This is the only time you can obtain this weapon as you will not find another further in the game.

The black knight sword is one of those weapons that cannot be infused into any other weapon and also this weapon cannot be buffed. In its highest upgraded versions, it is equally lethal as the ultra greatswords. The ideal moves with this weapon being a mixture of a high number of slashes with a lesser number of thrusts.

Lothric Knight Sword

In multiple combats, these dark souls 3 weapons have proven to be a very powerful weapons. A lothric knight sword comes to be one of the versatile weapons as this can be both infused and also buffed making it compatible with any playing style. Lothric Knight swords can be customised according to the player’s requirement.

This is also one of those weapons that can be sourced early on in the game. You can obtain them by assigning knights to guard the lothric high wall. These knights can use the lothric knight sword if the situation demands.

At its upgraded higher versions lothric knight sword can be scaled to either tier A or tier S. A lothric knight sword’s signature move is a thrust as it is unusually a longer sword.

Hollowslayer Greatsword

This dark souls 3 weapon, the hollowslayer greatsword is used to kill any hollow monster. With each strike the hollow monster is damaged by an extra 20 percent. The ideal physical damage a hollowslayer greatsword cause is 264.

You will be getting a hollowslayer greatsword at a very early stage in the game and stays with you until the end. In the undead settlement quest, upon killing curse rotted Greatwood you receive the hollowslayer greatsword.

Similar to the black knight sword even the hollowslayer greatsword cannot be infused nor can be buffed and it also cannot be scaled. Even this weapon is long and can cover a larger area attack, and is also light in weight to work on hollow monsters with ease. 

Vordt’s Great Hammer

Vordt’s Great Hammer has the power to kill an enemy by giving frostbite, that is with three hits of the hammer the opponent is going to freeze to death. This dark souls 3 weapon cannot be infused with other weapons or buffed. Usual physical damage caused by the vordt’s great hammer is 320.

This is comparatively a slower weapon that is to be used with maximum hits in order to cause better damage to the monster. Attacking slowly with this great hammer can help build up the frost effect on the enemies.

You can get vordt’s great hammer by killing the boss Vordt who is encountered at the Boreal valley near the lothric high wall. The hammer is named so because after killing the boss, his soul is collected and the hammer is crafted out of it. 

Dark Sword

Dark swords can be infused with refined infusions in order to scale strength and dexterity. This is going to be a tier B scaling. In case the dark sword is infused with dark infusion, the scaling is moderately going to increase intelligence and faith, even this is going to be a tier B scaling. The physical damage a dark sword can cause is 198. If you want to get your hands on the dark sword early on in the game, you can acquire it by killing dark wraiths which are found at the lothric high wall. If you do not get the dark sword there you will again get a chance to kill the dark wraiths at a perimeter bonfire. Here the dark wraiths are easy to attack as they are already the weaker versions as their strength decreases by the presence of Ghru.

Astora Greatsword

Astora greatsword is an ultra sword, which in its fully upgraded version is super lightweight to use. It can be infused with a gem, a sharp one that increases dexterity and the kind of scaling that goes into it is a tier S scaling.

The usual physical damage caused by an astora greatsword is 244. The ideal moves to perform on this sword to reap maximum benefits are lunge attacks. The astora greatsword also has the power to stun enemies.

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