Apple Glasses Pros, Cons, and Everything You Need to Know About Them 

Apple AR Headsets Glasses

For almost a decade, several rumors have suggested that Apple Inc. will follow their AR/VR headsets with Apple Glasses. Thanks to the many rumors, leaks, and patents, we believe Apple Glasses will become a reality soon. 

These glasses will let us interact with digital objects and information via some transparent glasses over our eyes. We believe that they will change virtual reality, and thanks to the leaks, we already know what to expect from these unique glasses. 

Compared to their headsets, these glasses will be more of an everyday wearable product thanks to their unique features. The Apple Glasses will resemble normal glasses with some lenses featuring some built-in displays. These displays can be easily interacted with using some gestures. 

They’re rumored to use the micro OLED display by Sony, which features ultra-high contrast and response rate, low reflectance, and high luminance. They also come with some integrated drivers for light and thin design. According to Jon Prosser, they will resemble Ray-Ban Wayfarers or the ones Tim Cook wears. On the other hand, Bloomberg claims that the prototype resembles a high-end pair with a thick frame for housing chips and batteries. 

Apple Glasses Feature: What to Expect 

The Apple glasses are exceptional devices that will use hand gestures just like their AR headset. Therefore, they’re bound to change a wide range of industries like online casinos. They’ll revolutionize various online casino games like the live dealer action. 

In the future, you’ll enjoy the welcome bonuses casino for Canadians thanks to the hand gestures without holding your iPhone. These glasses will track your hand and finger movements more accurately than smart rings. This will eliminate the need for several external sensors. 

Another unique feature will be its ability to view part of the planet, like Google’s Street View. The major difference will be Apple Glass will project the images to its lenses. Here are some of their other unique features:

Synchronize with your iPhone: These glasses will bring info from your iPhone to your face. It will let you synchronize your iPhone apps like maps, emails, games, browsers, and texts. They also have a plan for third-party applications and are planning to create a dedicated App Store. 

Optical subassembly: A patent given to Apple fuelled the claim that you won’t need prescription lenses with these glasses. After all, they will adjust to individuals with poor eyesight thanks to this feature. 

The Projected-based system instead of transparent display: A recent patent suggests that Apple will beam images to your eyes. This feature will also eliminate issues like eye strain, nausea, and headaches affecting short-sighted people.


  • You won’t need prescription glasses with Apple glasses. 
  • Thanks to the depth sensors, these glasses will help you see better at night. 
  • You’ll never have to worry about eye strain, nausea, and headaches that occur when you try to focus on far objects. 
  • It can display all the information from your iPhone over your field of vision. 
  • To avoid privacy implications, these glasses won’t come with a camera. 


  • The exact launch date is unknown; in fact, Apple has postponed it for years. 
  • The Apple glasses will be quite costly.

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