The alchemist is the non-player character(NPC) that is introduced in the alchemistNPC mod. The NPC is a character that is not controlled by any human or AI(artificial intelligence). Alchemist is a citizen 2.0 variant type. This gives NPCs the experience to craft medicines depending on pre-defined procedures. The setting will be priced. 

There are three NPCs in the alchemist besides the Brewer and Jeweler. After the eye of Cthulhu was conquered, the alchemist originated. He vends the restoration potions and new teleport potions that take the player to different places on the make. Many vanilla items will be there in the shop. Many materials and potions will be available as you go further in the game. The shop also supports different modes like Calamity, Thorium, and many more

What is alchemistNPC?

Alchemist is a kind of NPC that live-in every town except Ruben. At the alchemist, gamers can shop, craft items, and captivate apparatus with components. They can also empower weapons with mystic stones, and from the Gate of Darkness, they can interchange the substances. 

Types of alchemist NPCs:

Presently, there are a total of 11 AlchemistNPCs in the game. 

  1. ECHO

“Suru……Suru….what brings you to Echo?”

He is Echo. He is of the human race and he is 14 years old. loving Echo was trained by her parents acquainted with the alchemist. Her enchanting and crafting skills are similar.


‘‘Buchbuchbuchbuch…my, I just nodded off! I am Chacha Buch, an alchemist.“

A Lizardman who live-in Bethma village. There is a tribal flavor in this old shaman’s crafts. This tribal flavor comes through the concoction he vends. Unlike his appearances, he does not bite. Vapor is his co-worker.

  1. AMOUS

“ I am glad to meet you, traveler…”

He is Amous. He is from the Pongo race and he is 32 years old.

Amos is proficient in alchemy. He is also skilled at chemistry and science. He has an utter loss of hope at his age. He is good at making arrangements and plans yet he is a bit timid to execute them. With his knowledge, Pongo desires to help others. Amos usually gets hooked on his books.


“ ah, hi. I’m Alegro, Feita’s secretary”

He is Allegro. He is from the human race and he is 21 years old.

He is a bibliophile. He is a bit of a shy person. He is often petrified to talk to others. He is a workaholic. In such a way, the Lord of Feita’s trust is earned by Allegro. Lento is one of his good friends. 

  1. GRAIL

“For a man, what’s important is who he is inside you… don’t judge a book by its cover.”

He is Grail. He is from the human(original) and dog(current) race. He is 44 years old. He is proficient in Biology and Herbology. Grail used to wear round glasses. Unfortunately, he has become a dog due to an accident that occurred in his experiment. Therefore, he can still talk like a man and walk with 2 legs.

  1. DENKA

“I may have lived for too long to see Demons trying to take over..”

He is Denka. He is from the Hamel capital’s Alchemist race and he is 130 years old. He is an alchemist who possesses knowledge and alchemy insights beyond human limitations. His curiosity often led to big and small accidents, nevertheless, he is always very calm about it. He is a very modest person. He is also compassionate. He uses various slang words when he talks.

  1. VAPOR

“Hmm…. How is chacha buch doing?  I want to know how much he’s changed….”

She is Vapor. She is from the human race. She is a co-worker of Chacha buch. She feels deep pleasure with her possessions and achievements. She gives credits for herself regarding the fall of sander village. She believes that it is her efforts that saved the sander village. She is a very aspirated person and tries to attain the needs of everyone. She is a strong person. She studies the alchemy of water extraction, wind and steam development, and eternal life. All these have been proven successful by her youthful looks.

  1. PESOP

“Hu hu hu…..isn’t this drawing cute? It was my daughter who drew this for me.”

He is Pesop. He is from the human race and he is 32 years old. He looks like a clown. He wears a paper bag, in which his daughter drew something on it, and laughs all the time. Pesos had encountered several misfortunes in his life. He couldn’t save the life of his wife. Also due to forbidden alchemy, he lost his child simultaneously his face.


“Hi! Before we address each other, look at this information! The history of human salutation is a bit…”

This is Hugo. Hugo is from Nasod (3rd generation) race.

The most informed personage in the nation. He is a conversationalist. The El search party needs expertise for their operation. Simultaneously they want to make their way all over Elysion.



An alchemy refiner is pre-owned by old Elrians. A mystical light illuminates the magic orb in the middle.

Alchemy refiner is Elrianode’s alchemist. It is an EI-powered machine that performs the functions of an alchemist.


“Helloooo. How have you been? What should we do todaaaay?”

 Quiet poco is an imaginary alchemist. Quiet polo is a character who serves the role of the alchemist.

12. ADAMS ( former)

“ A theory has it that the mushroom is walking as it makes progress”

He is Adams from the human race and is 31 years old.

He finally comes back. In spite of his elimination in Ruben’s rebuild. Eventually, Adams comes back to be the Net cafe waiter as well as Erious studio administrator in all the villages. Adams trades off the net cafe service tool for 0 ED. he provides both Elrios studios and wedding hall services too.


Shortly, the AlchemistNPC adds 9 NPCs that trade most medicines in the game. It also sells the same fundamental ingredients. It also adjoins various items. The gamers can permit the lite version if they don’t want these.

 It is a catastrophic combination of various potions from the calamity mod.

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