What is Flowjo Software And Review 2022

Flowjo Software

Flowjo software is made to support the FlowJo flow cytometry data analysis. Both Mac and Windows platforms can be suitable for FlowJo Software 10th version. The software is available for any dedicated data analysis located in the FlowCore office area. The company has not enabled any booking system for the computers. So, it is recommended to call them to check if a computer is free or available. But, you can also perform data analysis on your own computer by installing the FlowJo site license subsidized by Monash university.

Access options of the FlowJo Software Portal Seat – Multiple Devices and 1 account

  • 4 computers assigned can be logged in 
  • Only 4 devices are allowed to access at a time.
  • The user has to manage and assign the devices. Admin is unable to do this.
  • Each device can be reassigned or replaced only once.
Flowjo Software

Access options of the FlowJo Software Portal Shared Device- Multiple users and 1 device

  • Only one designated computer has the FlowJo access which is hardware access base.
  • If you have multiple portal accounts you can use a general-use lab computer.
  • You can log in multiple portals to access but it has to be one at a time.
  • Only 3 reassignments per year are possible.

How does the Portal Subscription system work in the Flowo Software?

If anyone wishes to access the FlowJo Portal, he or she has to have a personal FlowJo Portal account at https://cloud.flowjo.com/

  • Your personal email is not valid here, but the account should be linked to your institution’s email id. 
  • There has to be a portal account prior to the request access.

You can purchase the Shared Device or the Seats for a period of 6 months to 1 year. The billing will be done at the time of your creation of the portal account. 

  • If you belong to any lab groups, we will recommend you to note the important dates below because the portal doesn’t have an option of Pro-rata billing.
  • You can access the Seats and the Shared Devices only for 6 to 12 months at a go. Then again you have re-purchase then when the time is over. But you have to have your institution’s mail id linked to the portal.
  • The important dates of FlowJo billing will start on 1st of April and will end on 31st March next year. 
  • The 12 months portal will begin on 1st April and end on 31st march.
  • The 6 months portal dates are either from 1st April to 30th September or 1st October to 31st March.

Pricing of the portals of FlowJo software

  • For 12 months the price is $385
  • For 6 months the price is $250.
Flowjo Software

FlowJo version 10

This is a newly designed version of the same Flowjo Software. The only difference is the version 10 is a multi-platform software tool. It is suitable for Windows, mac and Linux. This new version has an intuitive interface specially designed in terms of analyzing the data faster and in a more precise way. The training of using this version focuses on getting accustomed with the existing features of the software. 

The objectives of the FlowJo version 10

The objective of this version of the FlowJo Software is to efficiently analyze the flow cytometry data as it is the world’s no 1 analysis software tool. The training of learning this data analysis process will help the candidates to get accustomed with all the advanced and basic features of FlowJo Software version 10. And by this training you can visualize your flow data and learn to get the statistics out of it. 

Flowjo Software

Skills required to operate FlowJo version 10

You have to have a prior knowledge of flow cytometry to access this version of the software. But if you’re familiar with the older versions of FlowJo software, it should not be much difficult for you. It is all the same but the features and their results are more upgraded and updated. 

Some reviews on FlowJo company and the Software

  1. A former employee writes “Working at FlowJO provided the best experience in software development on a fun and exciting project. The company culture was very well formulated and felt like a closely aligned team environment”.
  2. A former intern writes “The experience that I had at this internship was amazing. The workplace was very productive but at the same time very relaxed, and although I was an intern I was treated as if I was a part of the company itself. Everyone was helpful and respectful, which in turn help me get a better understanding of the company itself and what they wanted me to accomplish during my Internship”

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