Tesla Software Update Release Note;

tesla software update

The cars manufactured by Tesla regularly go through over-the-air software updates. The updated version of the software always comes with new and exciting features. The users can check the latest software updates by tapping the Software tab on the touch screens they have inside the cars. They also receive notifications regarding any new updates on the touchscreen display. The users also get to install the latest version immediately after being notified or they can schedule for later. You need to connect your car to Wi-Fi so that you get the fastest and most reliable delivery of the software. 

Software updates come in two categories like ADVANCED and STANDARD. You can choose any of them by your preference. Just tap on <Control> Software> Software update preference and then select between them. It is recommended to choose the ADVANCED version to quickly get notifications regarding updates. This feature is available from the 2019.16 version and above. 

1. FAQs of Tesla software update;

Over-the-air” software updates bring new features and technologies to your car which makes it safer and more capable. 

The updates are available in a rotational manner. The company will send you alerts on the Tesla app and the touch screen of your car. If you want to check if your car is ready for an update then go to Control> Software> Your car will start checking for an update. 

  • If your car is not up to date you will be given a notification alert on the touch screen of your car.
  • The touch screen will show you “update available” if your car is ready to get an update.

1.1. How does it work?

The process has two phases. One is the download phase and the other is the install phase. You have to go through these two steps properly to make your car up to date. 

  •  The new update will be released over the air and your car will be prepared to install the software update. It is not an issue to drive during the process but make sure your car doesn’t get disconnected from the Wi-Fi.
  • You are not supposed to drive during the installation phase because of safety measures. You have to let the car rest while the software is being installed in your car. 

2. How to start a software update?

You will be notified once an update is available. You can update the software in one of the following ways. 

  • There is a yellow clock icon on the display of any Tesla car, so you have to click on that.  By tapping the yellow clock you will get the scheduling display and select a time for the software update or may install it now. The yellow clock will be turned into a white clock, the moment you schedule a time and it will remain white till the update starts. If you need to change the time you can click on the yellow clock and change it easily. 
  • If you want to check if there is a software update available tap Control>Software and if there is an update your display will show “update available” and tap on that. 

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