What Is SUABnR – How To Remove Or Fix SUABnR.exe

How To Remove Or Fix SUABnR.exe

Nowadays, computers have applications installed on them that users are unaware of. As a result, many people remove these applications and face the consequences. Often than not, some of the applications that you think are useless on your computer happen to be a required instruction or part of another important software. As such, if you remove these applications your computer can become prone to corruption.

When a computer becomes slow or starts to stutter, the foremost method to resolve this is to open Task Manager and end any processes that are using way too much of the RAM or CPU. Task Manager shows all of the required and idle processes on a computer, and ending any that you don’t know about could crash your computer. One of such applications that appear on the Task Manager is SUABnR. But, what is it? Do you need it? And, how to remove or fix SUABnR.exe? In this article, we will respond to all these queries!


SUABnR is an application or process made by Samsung and comprises of almost 70 MBs of information, including the compatibility drivers for your computer to connect to any Samsung device and operate it from your computer. SUABnR.exe is the executable file that this application uses to carry out all the processes that it was intended to.

SUABnR is also a mean for communication between your computer and Samsung devices. It assists you in transferring files between either device and also manage files on your device from your computer. It is more of an assistant that maintains your devices and makes it more convenient for you to communicate with all your devices from one place.

TL;DR – SUABnR is an application from Samsung that streamlines the communication between your computer and any connected Samsung devices. As soon as your Samsung device is connected to your computer, SUABnR will automatically download the required drivers onto your computer and start its process.



There are certain things that need to be considered to determine whether or not an application can be detrimental for your computer. As we mentioned above, this application has been distributed by Samsung, which an acclaimed corporation in the world of technology. So, it is unlikely that such an esteemed brand would tarnish its name by promoting a malware onto its users’ devices.

In addition to this, SUABnR is more of a driver for the communication between your computer and Samsung devices. If you do not own a Samsung device or don’t need to monitor it from your computer, then you don’t require this application. You only need it if your workflow involves transferring files between your computer and your Samsung devices, managing them from one place and having your devices connected onto one network.

In conclusion, this application is not a malware for your computer and there’s no hazard of it being on your computer. You can have it in your computer and it will keep running in the background. For many people, that is suspicious, since you don’t need an application to run on your computer 24/7 even if you aren’t using it. However, we have passed SUABnR through many virus scans and it seems to be of no apparent menace to your information.

However, if the application consumes RAM and CPU when it’s not doing anything, then you may need to remove it to avoid any disruption with your usual workflow. If you want to explore more about this application, you can observe all the details in the Task Manager. We have mentioned a few important details below as well;

DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATIONSamsung Electronics Corporation Ltd.
PURPOSETo communicate between your computer and Samsung devices.
SIZE OF FILE70 MB (approx.)
HOW DO YOU GET IT?Automatically installed as a driver.



If you use SUABnR but its either consuming too much RAM or CPU, or you are encountering errors with the application, you can just end the process from the Task Manager. To do this;

  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Scroll down until you find SUABnR.exe in the Processes tab.
  • Click on it and then click on END TASK.


We would never recommend you to delete any .exe file directly from your computer. Sometimes, these files contain important instructions or are performing a process and directly removing them will only harm your computer. Instead, you can;

  • Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the Uninstall a program option.
  • From there, just find the .exe application and right-click on it.
  • Click on the Uninstall option and your computer will start the uninstallation process.
  • Once the process is finished, you can close the Control Panel.

If you receive any errors, follow the first method to end the process of the application from the Task Manager before you uninstall it.

If you have any further queries, do mention them below and we will respond to you as soon as we can!

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