What is a Windows Module Installer Worker? How to Enable/Disable

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker

The Windows Operating System(OS) is convenient and reliable because of its regular updates. Typically, these updates take place automatically, and users should know this, and they cannot control what and when it happens. Also, only a few of the millions of Windows users understand how the updates take place which brings us to the discussion about a windows modules installer worker.

What is Windows Modules Installer Worker

Today the world runs on technical wheels with new scopes to improve every day. Windows Module Installer Worker is a technical invention that aids in searching and finding Windows updates on all computers. A user can update his windows updates aided by the Windows module installer as it is a straightforward process. 

What is a windows module installer worker?

Some Windows users might know about the Windows Module installer, and for those who have no idea, this post is for you to know how it works in a system. The title might sound complicated, but it is a tool related to the regular updates on Windows OS. 

The tool is inbuilt and efficient for users to get updates, and it works on any PC. For instance, you might get a message that your CPU is getting heated up, and you can find an automatic installation on Windows Update.

After an update, the windows module installer occupies a big space which might compromise how the system operates. However, remember that updates enable a computer to operate maximally. 

Is the Windows Module Installer worker a Malware? 

The tool is not a virus, but an inbuilt software in the Windows OS that is responsible for all updates meaning it is part of windows. However, if it worries you, run a malware check to free your laptop from any virus related issues. 

High CPU usage can be the sign of malware presence on your PC system. But, bear in mind that this is a windows tool that you don’t need to worry about. System updates can cause the CPU to lag but to keep your mind clear. You can carry on with a malware scan following these steps.

  • If you don’t have antivirus software, it is time to download and keep one. And, you should always have one to protect your laptop.
  • Select software that suits your needs like MalwareBytes and accesses it from the Task Manager.
  • Press these buttons simultaneously CTRL+SHIFT+ESC.
  • Locate the tiworker.exe process under the processes tab then right-click on it.
  • A new menu will appear.  Search for ‘Open File Location’ and click on it.
  • Locate and right-click on the Tiworker.exe file, then click on ‘Scan with MalwareBytes.
  • The tool will carry out a complete scan and give you a conclusive report on malware status on your system.

How to Repair the Windows Modules Installer Worker

The tool always runs whenever the windows OS is upgrading, but you can stop it by disabling Windows automatic updates. Disable the Windows Module Installer following the steps below:

  • Launch the Task Manager then select Processes, and locate Windows Modules Installer.
  • Once it opens, right-click on the process from the menu then tap on End Task.
What is Windows Modules Installer Worker

Now you will not receive messages like the CPU is overheating but disabling the tool is not a permanent solution as the tool will run anytime you restart your system.

  • Launch Windows then type Services and press Enter.
  • From the menu that displays, search for Tiworker.exe and right-click on it then tap Properties.
  • On the properties window, under the Startup section, press Disable from the drop-down menu.

Disabling the Tiworker.exe will completely shelve the tool, and it will not operate anytime you turn on your computer. You can update your Windows system from the settings page without any hassle. 

Run the Windows Troubleshooter

The windows troubleshooter is the easiest way to find and solve problems on your Windows PC. 

  • Open settings > then update and security > troubleshoot > Windows update on your system.
  • Select Run the troubleshooter.
  • Once it completes, a detailed report on any problems on your system will display for you to fix. 
What is Windows Modules Installer Worker
source: TechGuided.com

Set Your Network as a Metered Connection

With a metered internet connection, your system will not consume a lot of internet through Windows modules installer worker. As a result, the CPU will no longer be put through high-performance usage.

  • Hit the Start button > go to Settings > Select Network and Internet > then Wi-Fi.
  • Select the advanced option.
  • Check the box next to the metered connection to put it “On.”
  • If your network connection is through an ethernet, set the updates manually. 


Although the Windows module installer worker is an inbuilt system in windows, it may be confusing why it loads the CPU. The constant search for updates may be the course for this message which is why you need to repair your system. The tool plays an essential role in Windows, and mostly the updates happen at night to avoid inconveniences. Only disable this tool if it is the cause for a slow PC.

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