Snoopza: Cell Phone Tracker Review

Snoopza Cell Phone Tracker

Worrying about your child’s safety when they are out of your reach is sickening. You may also be living in doubt about your partner finding someone else, which makes you lonely. No one is ever ready to deal with such situations, but since they are inevitable, snoopza is a friend you might want to embrace to help you deal with such happenings. 

Snoopza Cell Phone Tracker

Today most people are interested in getting mobile to keep an eye on the ones they love. Snoopza will is a tracker that will do all the work and report back to you on time, and it has been rated as the best tracker in the market.

What is Snoopza? It is a spy app installed on Android mobile phones to track a suspicious or vulnerable partner family member. You get to know who they talk to, how long, and what time. 

The technology used in phone trackers makes them sound unethical, but they are widely used worldwide. Their backbone is keyloggers software programs that accumulate keystrokes on a mobile phone where it is installed.

How Spy Apps Work

Keystroke is a record of every single thing a person does with their mobile device, including capturing images or videos, making calls, sending and receiving messages, or surfing the internet. Keyloggers create a record of all these activities then report back to the person spying on the target. 

Keyloggers are different depending on the intended function as some are used to exploits remote logins, PIN, credit card OTP, or internet banking. Therefore, before you jump into the bus of spying, you need to learn more about the use of such apps. It is also advisable to inform the target (employees or teenagers at home) that they are being watched. 

Other keyloggers’ functions are to capture illegal activities like cybercriminals, paedophiles, or other offenders, a cheating partner, among others. In such a scenario, you cannot inform the target. However, it is recommended to sue a spy app with consent from the device owners.

Snoopza Features

It is an open-source keylogger for Android, and it fetches information from various applications in a device. 

1. Track and Record Calls

All incoming, outgoing, and missed calls are tracked and recorded from a target phone, and the installer can playback and listen to the conversation like it was. 

2. Capture Screenshots

The target device screenshots are captured and recorded to show what the target is up to in a flash. The feature is vital if a proof is needed about something that’s been going on. 

3. Invisibility

The spy app is invisible to the target, but you must install it on the target device, and the owner will never know of its existence. It can work on WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other social apps, including Facebook messenger, recording all videos, calls, pictures, and texts. 


4. Location Tracking

You will always know where your target is in real-time, assuming they always take their phone with them. Also, it requires GPS, Wi-Fi, and signal towers to complete the task of locating the owner.

5. Contact Information

You will be living your target’s life in a way because the tracker will share their contact list, so you will always know who they are talking to or texting even if it is in stealth mode. The app still carries on with its work even after a switch of sim cards. In other words, there is no escaping the snoopza tracker, and they will never detect its operations.


Snoopza will not disrupt a target device’s normal functions, which is a common problem with other spy apps. Also, the phone operations will, at no point, interfere with the app’s operations. It is like each of them works independently. The app has a straightforward user-interface, it is easy to sign up and use, and it is the number one recommendation in the market of spy apps. 

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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