Fix: Gboard keeps stopping on Android

Gboard keeps stopping

Gboard is a fantastic choice because it seamlessly integrates with most Google services such as maps, searches, and translations. Like any other application, it may run into difficulties or errors at times. If your Gboard keeps stopping on Android, there could be many reasons as to why this happens. Avoid these challenges by setting Gboard as the default keyboard, update it often, and keep a clear cache.

Google introduced Gboard for iOS in 2016, then the same Gboard for Android a few months down. The Gboard user base is currently over a Billion, and the number keeps growing by the day in both Android and iOS platforms. As a virtual keyboard application, Gboard is multilingual, offering you the chance to type even in your mother tongue. 

Reasons why “Gboard Keeps Stopping on Android” Happens

  • The application may be incompatible with other apps in the device. Determine if this is the case by using Gboard on another app, and if you get the message Gboard keeps stopping, you know what the issue is.
  • Your device might have deep space. The Gboard app requires sufficient space to run correctly. With deep space or RAM, Gboard cannot function right, but it will crash often. The solution for this is to make room in your device by deleting unnecessary apps.
  • Wrong update on Gboard. Check for available updates or downgrade Gboard updates to correct the issue.

How to fix Gboard Keeps Stopping

Set Gboard as your default keyboard to function properly following these guidelines. 

#1. Launch the Settings app on your Android device then click on General. Some device will display General management

  • Click on Language and input then Default keyboardMontelli/Business Insider
  • A new pop-up list will display. Click on Gboard.
  • Go back, use the keyboard, and see if the error is resolved.

#2. Clear Gboard’s cache

You may realize that the problem with Gboard is only with one app. Therefore, you need to clear cache data for the app. A full cache can cause the Gboard app to malfunction. Here is how to go about it:

  • On your device Launch, the  Settings app select Personal then hit Apps 
  • A new menu will pop-up, and you should click on Gboard.
  • Tap Storage, then Clear Cache or App Data.
  • Now restart the device and use Gboard to determine if the issue is fixed.

If the problem is not solved by clearing cache data, clear the app data, but it may shift some preferences meaning you have to make changes to some settings depending on your device. Follow prompts manually for your device to function correctly.

#3. Check for Gboard and your Android updates

An update on the Gboard app might fix the issue. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Google Play Store. Hit the three lines on the upper left corner then click on My apps & games.
  • A list of all your apps will display, and Gboard should be one of them. Tap the Updates button next to Gboard. If Gboard is not on the list, then it is up to date.

Android Update 

  • From your device launch, Settings then select System.
  • Almost to the bottom of the System menu, click on System Update.
  • A new will open with information whether your android awaits an update.

#4. Disable Gboard application

If Gboard keeps stopping on your Android, and you have tried a downgrade and update without results, it may be better to disable the app then use another Keyboard app. The guidelines below will help you disable the app.

  • Launch the Settings app on your device.
  • Locate System, then Languages & input.
  • Select Virtual Keyboard under Keyboard and input methods.
  • Select Manage Keyboards then uncheck the box next to the Gboard App to Disable it.
  • Uninstall or Disable the Gboard Application

So far, if your app is still malfunctioning, it is now best to uninstall then reinstall it. Problems with Gboard can make your phone slow and frustrate you in the process. Go to Google Play Store, locate Gboard then run it.

Gboard App Uninstall Option

There will be two buttons; Uninstall and Update. Before uninstalling, try an update to see if the problem is solved. If no change, then Uninstall then downloads the app back. Tap Uninstall then confirm by hitting Yes. Once you reinstall the app, set it as the default keyboard. 


After several attempts to resolve Gboard keeps stopping, you may try a force stop on the app. Go to Settings and select apps, then Gboard. Look for the Force Stop tab on the upper right corner on your screen and tap it. Select OK to confirm the action.

How to force stop Gboard application


Restarting your Android device is the simplest method to solve many problems on your phone. Switch it off for ten seconds, then back on, then see if the problem is still persistent. All the above methods are possible ways to solve Gboard keeps stopping on Android.

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Andrew is a professional writer with 7+ Years of experience. His style and uniqueness inspire and educate readers throughout the world.

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