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CircleJerk in general are communities filled with people with similar thought processes that discuss or share memes according to their liking on a decided particular topic. These communities are run about for recreational purposes purely for fun and not to spread negativity or hate. Serious topics and discussions are prohibited in the jerk communities, these are better left out for the unjerk communities.

GamingCircleJerk is a community sub, which throws jerk opinions regarding the gaming world, gamers, and game circles in general. They are fun associations to ridicule people from gaming circlejerks. Emphasizing on the fun element, these communities are not to objectify any opinion or person. GamingCircleJerk as a sub, posts and discusses two different kinds of content- the jerk content and the unjerk content. This community laid a couple of ground rules for users to go through before joining the sub. The rules are discussed in detail below.


GamingCircleJerk Rules

  • Racial discrimination, gender bias, and cultural discrepancies are not to be entertained in the community. Everyone should meet with a similar mindset in order to not hurt any user’s feelings. 
  • Content posted should be only limited to the gaming world and no personal posts or no personal social media links should be shared, this is to maintain the purpose of the subreddit.  
  • Do not go about posting unannounced spoilers, we do not want to ruin the suspense element of the co-gamers. If you are to post any spoilers, post them along with spoiler alerts.
  • As already mentioned, the content of the posts should be limited to the gaming world and topics related to that, it is not to be treated as an advertising platform. We do not want to deviate from the whole and sole purpose of the community.
  • This group is to initiate fun through posts and discussions, be as jerk as possible when it comes to the gaming world posts, serious posts are to be limited to the unjerk section.
  • There is no point in calling up other subreddit users into the community if they are not interested, let them keep wondering what fun they are constantly missing. 
  • You are asked not to entertain any other subreddit pages by commenting or voting for these pages that are linked in our community if you are not already a part of the former sub. Ignore this rule if you are a part of that sub as well.
  • Karma is a sensitive topic, your Karma is yours to deal with and this cannot be made a public post to discuss about. Remember we do not want serious posts.
  • There is no point in trying to contaminate other subreddit pages. We have enough jerking to be done to bother other subs, faking posts is not the coolest thing to do.
  • Let Nazism stay back in the early 1900s, we are not here to offend any country, government, or political party. Kindly reserve your freedom of speech to some other discussion forum.
  • Benigens can be entertained only for a limited time, we do not want to self-pollute the sub. Let us keep the posts fun and make the sub a happy place to visit. Do not stick out of the gaming world when you are in with this sub.
  • Why can’t we just make these posts available only to our limited community and not be a bad jerk by capturing images of the posts and reposting them on other social media platforms? We are trying to be jerks only for our close proximity gaming circle and not the world in general
  • Negativity towards Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer and Asexual are not allowed to take part in the community. Spreading hate towards transgender people or transness is not fun.
  • We are not a news forum to discuss events and dangers and the world in general, and definitely not being a jerk towards these topics. We do not want people being a jerk about live events, any potential dangers, any sensitive topics and/or current world affairs.

All the above-mentioned rules are not only applicable to posts but are also applicable to all the comments that are posted, we want the community members to be clear on the sub purpose and gist. If by any chance an offensive post or comment is encountered, depending on the level of offensiveness we will either roll out a warrant through personal message or straight up ban the user.

Where do they get these discussions from?

  • Trending Jerks
    Current popular jerks in the communities around are- Epic Store launched by Epic Games, Death Stranding Hideo Kojima (the Japanese game designer), Pokemon’s gamer fan’s backlash over the game developers, Bethesda and gamer world views, Fall of EA sports, Gaming vs Gambling and Nintendo’s updated technology.
  • Pasta Shelf
    The copy-pasted versions of converted popular old gaming posts (both memes and discussions) to make them look new and also add on some current gaming terminology.
  • Jerktionary
    Or Jerk Dictionary whichever you find comfortable, is I assume clearly self-explanatory. Works as a dictionary for the jerk terminology.
  • SJW Watch
    The kind of content that has to be avoided at all costs as they involve games that are inspired by movies.
  • Notable Jerk Library
    This maintains a tab of all popular similar gaming circlejerk subs that might interest the GamingCircleJerk sub-community.
  • Old Banners
    A collection of banners of various jerk subreddits. 

Similar Subreddits Communities to GamingCircleJerk (also includes other popular CircleJerk subs)

  • Assassin’s Creed
    Assassin’s Creed encountered a wave of negative backlash in and around the year 2015.
  • Call of Duty
    Call of Duty is a topic of circlejerk for its simpler bait elements.
  • Battlefield V
    Battlefield V was pulled down in terms of sexism.
  • Pokemon
    With every new release, pokemon is being accused of toning down the essence.
  • FIFA
    FIFA is often circle jerked comparing the game with real-life football encounters.
  • The Witcher 3
    The Witcher has been the most epic gamingcirclejerk since the year 2015.

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